Rick Perry’s Really Gay Creekside Christmas Party

YouTube took our Rick Perry video down again, so here it is in our own video player so you can watch it whenever and forever. We will not remove it. It only took YouTube an hour to remove it the second time. We are baffled by this for two reasons, one being that we know that thousands of people have already flagged the original video, yet it’s still hopping along, spreading its message of holiday togetherness. We’re also baffled because the video was flagged for “nudity or sexual content”, yet the clip we used was found on YouTube. Here. In fact, YouTube, you host hundreds of videos more inappropriate than the one we used.

So you’re honestly saying, YouTube, that enough people were offended by our silly video in one hour, but there still aren’t enough people offended by the original one that has been up for more than a day? Are you saying, YouTube, that Rick Perry being a bigot by a creek is less offensive than two dudes frenching near a creek? If you’re not saying that, then Rick Perry has clearly gotten to you and we’re sorry. We now address Rick Perry.

First of all, Rick Perry, what the fuck are you doing on Tumblr right now? Quit scrolling through reblogs of The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Every Day. You want to lead the country? Fat chance. We also notice that you’ve turned off comments to your video. Class A move there, Rick-who-also-wants-to-be-president. No need to listen to other people when you’re president, right, Rick? Sure, it’s YouTube, so everyone would mostly just call you a fag. But also? Rick? You’re acting pretty faggy right now. Preeeetty faggy.

So anyway jokes jokes jokes and stuff blah blah blah, we are very seriously disappointed in whoever decided to take the video down (twice), but we’re even more disappointed in whoever decided to keep the original video up.

Oh and, hey, Rick Perry and friends, go fuck yourself in whichever way pleases you the least, thanks.

We’re Cracked and we approve this message.

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